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DOT Type I - "Calm Water" Floating Turbidity Curtains also known as Silt Curtains are most commonly used for areas that are calm & protected such as small lakes, ponds, canals and waterways with little or no current, to retain silts, sediment, and turbidity within the construction area. We normally keep some in stock and ready to ship.


DOT Type II - "Moving Water" Floating Turbidity Curtains Permeable & Impermeable are most commonly used for slow to medium current applications, with currents in one direction & up to 5 feet/second, such as rivers, inland waterways, bays and large lakes with moderate to strong winds, to retain silts, sediment, and turbidity within the construction area.


DOT Type III - "Tidal" Floating Turbidity Curtains Permeable and Impermeable are most commonly used for Tidal areas such as harbors, ports, shoreline, and offshore locations where bad weather and shifts in tides require a heavy duty barrier. Commonly used and preferred by Dredgers and marine contractors while in the construction of Ports.

Absorbents International's accessories include: 25, 40 & 65 lb Anchor Systems complete, assembled and ready to deploy, Marker Lights to indicate work zone, Small, Medium and Large Tow Bridles and Repair Kits. As with all our products: "Absorbents International Guarantees the Lowest Accessory Prices while providing a Quality Product"