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18" Marina Fence Oil Containment Boom


“OPA 90, US Coast Guard – OSRO and ASTM F1523 Guideline” COMPLIANT

Manufactured with high quality PVC fabric, equipped with a top tension cable, ballast chain and ASTM marine grade aluminum connectors, these booms are highly durable.

Ideal for rapid deployment and for long term oil spills. If being deployed in areas where bad weather or choppy water is an issue, a top tension is required as it increases tensile strength and allows the boom to better resist forces applied by water activity.

  • Booms are customizable to any length up to 100 ft. Standard sizes are 50 and 100 ft. sections
  • Multiple sections can be simply connected together
  • A variety fabrics are available for short or long term deployments

Applications Include:

soft, slow currents such as protected ports, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs, wetlands, harbors, inlets, marinas

Commonly Used By:

First responders and Contracted Emergency Response Companies

As a company having spend a lot of time in this industry and being very familiar with oil spills, government guidelines and responders needs for different applications, we strive to provide quality products that fulfill the need of its application.


For a spec sheet please call our office at (321) 473-7531.

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