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Anchor Systems


Anchor Systems are a must to secure Floating Turbidity Curtains around the perimeter of a marine construction work site in order to keep Turbidity Curtains in place and away from equipment. They are very effective and are a necessity when working in current or tidal applications.

Absorbents International Anchor Systems come assembled & complete with your choice of a 25, 40 or 65 lb. anchor and include: 8 ft of leader chain, 60 ft of line, marker buoy and tether line to allow attaching to Floating Turbidity Barrier or Oil Containment Boom. 

Deployment of anchor system is easy; simply throw the anchor system into the water and attached the tether line to the Floating Turbidity Barrier or Oil Containment Boom.   

Absorbents Internationals Anchor Systems include:
- 1 each – 25, 40 or 65 lb Danforth Type Anchor
- 8 ft of 3/8” leader chain,
- 60 ft of 1/2” nylon rope,
- 12 inch Heavy Duty inflatable marker buoy
- 6 ft of 1/2” painter line. 


For a spec sheet please call our office at (321) 473-7531.

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