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Oil Only Absorbent Booms


Versatility is a key factor in absorbent booms. Applications range from lining beaches, spanning waterways, use on off shore locations, to protecting marinas. The ability to link these highly absorbent booms together allows the user to contain an array of spill shapes and sizes from small to large.

Product Highlights:

  • Polyester netting – Provides UV resistance and increases elasticity
  • Nickel plated steel rings for quick and stable linkage between booms
  • Filled amount is precisely calculated to ensure maximum absorbency as quickly as possible
  • Initially floats high, as saturation increases the boom slowly descends allowing for new contact with absorbent material (boom’s don’t sink but remain at surface at its lowest floating point)
  • Oleophilic – Attracts and retains oil
  • Hydrophobic – Repels water

“Absorbents International's Best Buy”
AIB810SN is one of our best buys do in part to its versatility and performance. With the versatility to tackle small to large spills and light to heavy oils; it allows for a multitude of applications. The performance comes in with its ability to slowly descend down to allow more of the spill in contact with the absorbent material without sinking; it is one of Absorbents International’s best sellers.



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