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Floating Tow Bridle


Tow Bridles connect to the end of Oil Boom or Floating Turbidity Curtains and are used to tow boom around while getting it in place.  Tow Bridles protect and prolong the life of the Oil Boom or Turbidity Curtain by evenly distributing the towing load or constant tension to the top tension cable, ballast chain and over to the other connectors.


Tow Bridles are inexpensive and allow the boom to be towed more uniformly thereby protecting it.


All of our Tow Bridles come with floats to prevent from loosing if dropped in water.

Absorbents International's Floating Tow Bridles are available as:

    - 12" Small

    - 18" Medium

    - 24" Large

    - 24" Large Heavy Duty

    - 36" Extra Large Heavy Duty


For a spec sheet please call our office at (321) 473-7531.

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