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Oil Only Absorbent Rolls


These rolls are designed to absorb large amounts of oil from low to high viscosity from gasoline to hydraulic oil. Easily cut down to whatever size is needed; these rolls can also be layered together to cover small to large spills. Applications include but are not limited to oil spills on land or water, auto shops, boat decks, walkways, old machinery, engine rooms, marinas, construction sites, and recovery of residual oil on near shore spills.

Product Highlights:
• Ideal for walkways
• Perforated – Reduces waste, use only what is needed
• Oleophilic – Attracts and retains oil
• Hydrophobic – Repels water

Absorbents International's Best Buy
The AI11009H is our most popular roll as it gives versatility in small to medium size oil spills and can be used for light to medium viscosity oils. Ideal for Industrial applications, boat decks, fire departments, auto shops, piers, walkways, and locations inaccessible by large equipment.


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