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Spill Kits - Oil Only Absorbent Spill Kits


Absorbents International's Oil Only Absorbent Spill Kits are ideal to have around as there’s always that possibility that an oil spill may take place at any time.  Whether it be in the work place, marinas, ports, refineries, boats, engine rooms, machine or auto mechanic shops, etc., spill kits allow you to have a variety of oil absorbents readily available to be able to clean up the oil spill. 


Absorbents International's spill kits are available in different sizes, capacities and may come with a combination of pads, absorbent boom, socks, pillows, gloves, goggles and even include plastic bags and ties to dispose of the contaminated materials.  The larger spill kits provide a drum designed to store contaminated materials until they can be properly disposed of.


 “Most Popular”

Our most popular Spill Kit is the AI- SPILL55O – This spill kit comes complete with pads, socks, pillows, gloves, goggles, bags, ties and even includes a 55 gallon open head drum with lid.  It’s the favorite because it’s not too large or small and can easily be place around marinas, piers, ports, refineries, auto mechanic shops, industrial applications and just about anywhere the possibility that a gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lube or hydraulic oil spill may occur.


Available in the following sizes and weights.


Part #




95 Gallon Oil Only Spill Kit

95 gallon overpack drum


55 Gallon Oil Only Spill Kit

55 gallon open head drum


30 Gallon Oil Only Spill Kit

30 gallon open head


5 Gallon Oil Only Spill Kit

5 gallon pail


Absorbents International’s oil only Spill Kits can absorb up to 25 times their weight.


For a spec sheet please call our office at (321) 473-7531.

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