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DOT Type 1 Floating Turbidity Barrier


“Compliant with DOT 1 Floating Turbidity Curtain Requirements”

DOT Type 1 - "Calm Water" Floating Turbidity Curtains also known as Silt Curtains are most commonly used for areas that are calm & protected such as small lakes, ponds, canals and waterways with little or no current, to retain silts, sediment, and turbidity within the construction area. We normally keep some in stock and ready to ship.

Absorbents International’s DOT 1 Floating Turbidity Curtains are manufactured in compliance with most states DOT Type 1 requirements. Floating Turbidity Curtains prevent debris, silt and sediment from traveling outside the immediate work area and potentially damaging marine life and habitats. The skirt depth is determined by the body of water that you'll be working in.  Skirt depth can be custom ordered to any depth and/or with angles.

Applications Include:
lakes, canals, and waterways, and ponds with calm winds and very little current.

DOT Type 1 Barrier

DOT Type 1 Turbidity Barriers

DOT Type 1 Turbidity Curtains



Our Floating Turbidity Curtains are available as permeable or Impermeable and can be customized to any length up to 100 ft.  The skirt depth will be made to comply with your project requirements. Standard section lengths are 50 or 100 ft.  Multiply sections easily link together to comply with any length requirement.

If unsure about what Floating Turbidity Curtain best suits your project requirements, please allow our experienced sales personnel assist you with selecting the proper Silt Curtain for your application.  Our sales staff has between 6-20 years of experience, and have a wealth of information available for your use. 

Floating Turbidity Curtains (Also known as Floating Turbidity Barriers or Silt Curtains) create a barrier to prevent cloudy water from exiting the immediate work area and entering clear water.  Silt Curtains are used to isolate active construction areas, within or next to a body of water, in order to minimize the migration of silt laden water out of the construction zone. 


For a spec sheet please call our office at (321) 473-7531.

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